Bring linebased coding to your classroom

We have partnered with DroneBlocks to bring their advanced coding applications for DJI drones to Australia!

Advanced Coding with DroneBlocks

Extend your students beyond block coding

Extend your students learning beyond basic block coding with DroneBlocks courses and applications. Use JavaScript and Python coding to control your Tellos!



Explore DroneBlocks coding from anywhere, without a drone.


Block Code

Go from simple to advanced block coding.


A simple interface to start mastering line based coding.



Coding with Python



Code with NODE-Red

What will work better for you, your students and your school?

DroneBlocks can be delivered via virtual coaching, online professional learning, or a combination of these. 

One Month Access

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Discover our other STEM Programs

We believe every student deserves to succeed with STEM, 
and every teacher should be empowered to help them do it.

Pippa & Dronie

Join in the adventure as Pippa and Dronie travel around Australia, finding out just how useful a drone can be! Meet real scientists and drone professionals doing amazing things.

Skill Level - Kindy to Grade 4

Classroom Drone Essentials

A 2.5-hour to 3-day edutainment experience, your students will become geospatial scientists for the day, be exposed to some great role models, learn how to fly a drone and have fun as you teach STEM by stealth.

Skill Level - Grade 5 - 8

Map My School

A comprehensive and fun program where students learn how to analyse, measure, map, and communicate with geospatial mapping principles to better understand the amount of shade available at your school.

Skill Level - Grade 7 - 10

Drone Mapping

The students will use sub 2kg drones and industry standard geospatial mapping technologies to capture and process imagery to analyse and monitor their local environment.

Skill Level - Grade 10 - Industry


30-minute chat with a STEM expert

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