Transform Your Students into Geospatial Scientists

Map My School is a STEM school program to help you lead students to create a school map online for free. No drone required!

Map My School

A comprehensive and fun program where students use spatial technology to learn how to create, analyse, measure, map and communicate geospatial mapping principles to better understand the amount of shade available at your school. 

Map My School includes four versions for different experience levels and student year groups. Whether you teach primary or secondary geospatial science for schools, there's a Map My School project for you. More Information


Resources and Introduction

Get to know the learning objectives, real life applications, and software required (provided free) for the project.

Module 1

Mapping Software Introduction

A walk-through of the software interface specific for your student ability. Learn to setup mapping projects correctly.

Module 2

Creating Data

Use existing satellite data of your school (we'll show you how to get it) and begin to digitise this data to identify land features.

Module 3

Analysing Data

Learn to interpret spatial data to answer geographic inquiry. You'll learn to extract statistics and calculate shaded areas.


Maps for Communication

Good scientists can communicate their findings clearly. Learn to guide your students through creating maps for presentation.
students proudly showing their mapping images to the camera

Student Outcomes

The students will understand the benefits of studying STEM geography and using geospatial data for providing information relating to environmental challenges. They will learn to explain the difference between blue, green and grey infrastructure, use free geographic tools to display, create and edit spatial data, and perform basic geospatial analysis.


Teacher Outcomes

Our online program will guide you though using free online tools and satellite imagery to answer real-world environmental challenges. Instil confidence and empower you to build competencies, knowledge and the skills to teach STEM HASS programs in accordance with the National Curriculum. .

What will work better for you, your students and your school?

Map My School can be delivered via virtual coaching, online professional learning, or a combination of these. 

No, you don't even use drones to teach this program. This course is all about learning geospatial and mapping skills. You can choose to map anything you like, but our lessons work with students to map the school grounds to uncover how much shade is available at your school.

The Map My School program is suitable for both primary and secondary students.

Map My School is more suited for Beginner Learners. The students draw their own maps, are introduced to Scribble Maps and they will make a polygon shape to outline your school grounds then draw shapes around the tree or tree patches and add up the area of all the shady patches. 

​Map My School ADVANCED is best suited for Developing to Advanced Learners as they will be using Google Earth Engine, Javascript coding, or ArcGIS Pro to display, edit, create, and analyse spatial data to calculate how much shade is on the school grounds.

Map My School is a great place to start learning about mapping and geospatial concepts. It will help your students to understand the basics of image interpretation and map creation. They will learn how to access freely available online satellite data, how to interpret the images to create a map of the school and how to use this data to determine the percentage of shade available on the school grounds.

At the simplest level, Map My School Advanced uses more advanced technologies including  Google Earth Engine, Javascript coding and ArcGIS Pro. Using these technologies the students will use display, edit, create and analyse spatial data to calculate how much shade is on the school grounds.

Online Together is a collaborative approach (or hybrid learning model) to help you to teach Map My School. Let's say it's roughly 50% Professional Development and 50% Online Team Teaching/Support. We team teach the Introductory Lesson (30-45 minutes), schedule three 1-to-1 Teacher Professional Learning calls (45-minute each) and provide ongoing 1-1 support, and email technical support for the duration of the Unit of Work.

If you already have a She Maps Membership, then simply log in to access the curriculum. If you would like more support or to find out more about Classroom Drone Essential - Online Together, then book a call and he will chat through our membership and support options. More information: Brochure,  Delivery Options, Website Page


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She Maps can help you get the clarity you need to empower your students, engage your colleagues, and transform your schools approach to STEM education.

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All programs designed by PhD Geospatial Scientist, Dr Karen Joyce.

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“She Maps are the people to turn to if you want to engage female students with drones. They are highly organised, well prepared and are flexible with program design if you need them to meet a specific need of your school.”
Mark Gray
Vice Principal, Methodist Ladies College
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Meet the Education Director

Dr Karen Joyce holds a PhD in Geographical Sciences and is a leader in remote sensing and spatial mapping. She has led numerous programs within Australia and internationally and developed educational resources for primary, elementary, secondary and tertiary institutions as well as private industry and government organisations.

Now, her experience is available to you.

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