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Classroom Drone Essentials - Drone Incursion 2.5-Hour



Become geospatial scientists for the day! Be exposed to great role models, challenge unconscious bias, explore applications of drone technology, understand safety and drone regulations as well as learn how to fly and code educational microdrones!

A Certified She Maps Instructor will come to your school and immerse your students in geospatial science, teaching them to fly and block code microdones.  It is also an opportunity for your teachers to gain classroom management and set-up insight while gaining the confidence to bring geospatial technology into the classroom.

In this edutainment experience, your students will become geospatial scientists for the day, be exposed to great role models, challenge unconscious bias, explore applications of drone technology, understand safety and drone regulations as well as learn how to fly and code educational microdrones drones.

What’s Covered?

Module 1 – Drone Career Pathways 

In this module, we cover how and where are drones used in Industry, meet industry role models and look at the importance of working towards gender parity and diversity within STEM.

Module 2 – Drone Safety 

In this module, we discuss the different roles and responsibilities of drone pilots, pre-flight safety checks and using manual controls to fly the microdrones.

Module 3 – Manual Flight 

In this module, we practice manual flight and battery management. The students learn how a drone moves manually, and demonstrate competence as a drone pilot to control a microdrone.

Module 4 – Coded Flight Mission

In this module, the students are given a scenario where they’ve been tasked with being geospatial scientists for a day to collect data for the local emergency services.  Using block coding, the students plan and carry out their mission!

Junior Drone Pilots License Test (Optional) 

Students have the opportunity to gain their Junior Drone pilots licence by demonstrating they can set up a safe drone flying area, perform all safety checks, safely manually fly a microdrone, and safely perform coded flight using a microdrone and visual programming.

Bonus -Tips and tricks

She Maps will share lots of tips and tricks, including equipment set up, synchronising the drones, classroom management, and general troubleshooting.

How it works?

A She Maps Certified instructor will come to your school to run each 2.5-hour experience.  This program is an indoor program, we will bring all the drone equipment with us, and all we require to run the program is a large indoor space such as a school hall.  We encourage teachers from across the school to pop in and see how the program is run, so they too might think about using microdrones in their classroom too.


The price here is for 1 x 2.5-hour sessions. Each session can cater for a class of 30 students.

Other options to consider.

  • Single 2.5 Hour Session – 30 Students
  • Double Session – 1 Day – 60 Students
  • Triple Session – 1.5 days – 90 Students
  • Quad Sessions – 2 days – 120 Students


Learning Intentions

  • Explore applications of drone technology.
  • Understand and act according to relevant drone regulations.
  • Evaluate and implement safety processes.
  • Manually control a drone in a safe manner.
  • Conceptualise a hypothetical mission based on a real life situation and
  • propose ideas for its solution.
  • Use block code to automate a drone flight in accordance with the mission.
  • Collaborate to iterate and improve their solution.
  • Use digital storytelling and persuasive text to demonstrate understanding.
  • Explore diversity in STEM and create confident STEM learners.
  • Connect students with real world problems and applications.


This indoor microdrone program, Classroom Drone Essentials has been taught face to face to over 7,500 students and teachers around the world, and over 1,500 teachers are using our online resources. We recommend schools start with our Classroom Drone Essentials if they are new to using drones in their school, as this is a low-cost, low-risk entry into the use of drones. This then provides the foundational skills to then run some of our more advanced units of work.


Tailoring Teaching to Learning – Customised Programs Available.

At She Maps, we know that each school is unique.  Whilst we have a range of products and programs that you can purchase directly, we can also tailor our programs to meet the individual needs of the school, teachers or students.  Got something in mind? Simply ask us!


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