Tournament of Drones - The complete guide to running an amazing Tournament of Drones



This Tournament of Drones is a one-day event, designed to test students’ teamwork, problem-solving skills, creativity, technical flight skills, and analytical thinking.
Students compete in teams of three, across three different arenas, with four challenges including a persuasive digital storytelling piece that may be given to the students before the tournament.
The Tournament allows students to use the skills they have learned through the Classroom Drone Essentials Unit and apply them to a range of challenges, demonstrating their learning in a competitive environment.
Our Education Director, Dr Karen Joyce, said she is always impressed with the dedication and competitive spirit that students bring to the Tournament.  “It’s like an athletics carnival using drones to showcase our best talent in science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths” says Dr Joyce “The students work really hard to prepare for the event and have so much fun they forget that they are learning some really valuable skills at the same time”.
While students will gain points across various activities during the day, the deciding factor is often the Code Conundrum where participants follow a hypothetical container ship accident out to sea. It’s important for students to practise with real world applications.
This guide includes all information to run a tournament of four challenges, with a suggested maximum of 10-15 teams of three students each. The Tournament can be run as either an intra or inter-school event.
1. Teachers Manual
2. Posters
3. Certificates
4. Checklists
5. Scoring sheets
6. Floor Plan
7. Safety Signs
8. Graphics
9. Signage
10. Event Run Sheet
11. Email Templates
12. Media Release