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of children draw a man when asked to imagine a scientist

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of university and VET STEM
graduates are female

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of STEM jobs are
filled by females

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She Maps is a proud Queensland based Social Enterprise with a national footprint. We connect and collaborate with schools, academia, and industry to teach powerful, real world learning in the classroom with modern STEM technologies. We focus on the surveying and spatial industry as we believe that spatial skills will underpin the growth of companies and our communities in a data analytics hungry fifth industrial revolution.

As a certified Social Enterprise, we are deeply invested in eliminating bias and embracing diversity. We do this by building teacher and student capabilities and confidence with STEM, as well as engaging, educating, and empowering diverse and underrepresented sectors of our community.

There is a lack of funding in schools for STEM

Many schools simply don’t have the funds to access professional learning, teaching materials, and the classroom equipment required to incorporate modern STEM initiatives, such as drone and geospatial education programs into their schools.

When talking to schools across the country, many of them have cited a lack of funding available for them to access quality drone and geospatial education. In fact in 2021, a social campaign we ran identified over 500 schools across the country that viewed the Inspiring Australia grant as the only opportunity for them to fund an immersive experience with modern technologies.

We know schools are eager to get their drone programs up and running, they simply can’t afford it.

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Why sponsor a school?

Schools will be able to continue to deliver enriched learning opportunities that stimulate children' curiosity, kindle passions, and give school learning purpose and value.

It raises students' awareness of and interest in a variety of new and developing occupations, such as drone, GIS, and other STEM-related fields.

It develops students' 'future of work' capacities as well as 21st-century skills that are applicable to present and future occupations.

It increases instructors' confidence, capacities, and knowledge in order to promote teaching and learning innovations, resulting in improved student participation in STEM topics.

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Partnerships between schools and businesses can take numerous shapes.

Our partners choose to fund our annual competitions, activities, resource development, and other exciting projects.

Our partners might choose to engage with a single school or a group of schools in a given region. She Maps can adjust relationships to local settings, learners’ requirements, and industrial partners’ commitment levels because of the flexibility of working on a case-by-case basis.

Real world learning projects, mentoring programmes, career-taster days, competitions and events, and teacher professional development seminars are just a few of the activities that students in primary and secondary schools can participate in.

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Let's reframe our
understanding of STEM

STEM skills are becoming cliche. Teachers are confused as to what STEM actually means and how they are meant to implement it into their classroom; industry doesn't know how to engage with schools to bring industry relevant skills into the classroom; and students are still not seeing diversity in the STEM workforce. Firstly, the STEM acronym needs to be reimagined. We believe that this is STEM, the real skills that employers are looking for...
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Tackling Diversity In STEM In Schools

To truly solve the issue of diversity in the surveying and spatial workforce, we need to be thinking beyond student engagement programs.

To have students understand, and see the opportunities available in the surveying and spatial industry we need to be building teacher capability, and providing long-term connection between classrooms and industry.

These points of connection need to be showcasing diverse role models within the industry, to reflect the diversity of the community, as well as the diversity of opportunities within the surveying and spatial industry.

This builds real world relevance and a pathway to employment for our 2030 workforce.

Click here or on the image to download our teachers guide to eliminating bias.

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Gift a book set &
coding game

Pippa and Dronie is a beautifully illustrated book for young readers aged 5 to 9, celebrating diversity in STEM.

The book features six real women doing amazing work with drones.  It’s guaranteed to capture the attention of students as they learn how these amazing role models use drones to take photographs, gather data and solve some of the world challenges.

Book set includes: Illustrated books, lesson plans, block coding app, web-based game, image mat, Dronie plushie, and free printables.

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