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Give every student the opportunity to engage in digital technology.

She Maps Drone and STEM Education

Six awe-inspiring educational STEM programs!

We offer curriculum aligned lessons, face-to-face incursions, online professional learning 
and teacher resources to help you empower your students with the skills of tomorrow.

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Pippa & Dronie

Join in the the adventure as Pippa and Dronie travel around Australia, finding out just how useful a drone can be! Meet real scientists and drone professionals doing amazing things.

Level - Kindergarten to Grade 4

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Classroom Drone Essentials

Students become geospatial scientists, are exposed to some great role models, learn how to fly and code a drone, and have fun as we teach STEM by stealth!

Level - Grades 5 - 9

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Map My School

A comprehensive and fun program where students learn how to create, analyse, measure, map, and communicate with geospatial mapping principles. 3 Levels included.

Level - Grades 1 - 10

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Drone Mapping

Students use sub 2kg drones and industry standard geospatial mapping technologies to capture and process imagery to analyse and monitor their local environment.

Level - Grade 10 - Industry

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DroneBlocks - Advanced

Extend your students learning beyond basic block coding with DroneBlocks courses and applications. Use JavaScript and Python coding to control your Tellos!

Level - Grades 7 - 12+

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Lighthouse Schools Program

This School-Industry Spatial Immersion program will extend students learning as they gain exposure to critical future STEM skills, and be given industry insights with real-world problems to solve.

Level - Advanced Secondary Schools

Flexible Delivery & Flexible Learning

All our programs can be tailored to suit the needs and budget of your school. 

We offer online professional learning for teachers, face-to-face incursions for students
& expert advice on the purchasing of drone equipment.

The big goal

Diversity in STEM


Drone & Geospatial Programs


Get on top of STEM

Teaching STEM can be easy, let us show you how...

Achieve your learning goals with She Maps.


Curriculum Mapped Content

All programs and supporting resources are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Immediate Impact

Drones ignite immediate interest and lasting enthusiasm for STEM in students.

Sustainable Improvement

All our programs are designed to create real change by supporting teachers and schools to continue what we spark.

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Why we’re on a mission to help schools diversify STEM.

Did you know that two thirds of children aged nine to eleven draw a man when asked to draw a scientist? Today, women are vastly underrepresented in science and technology industries.

Like you, we think that’s wrong. So let’s do something about it.

What if schools could design their STEM programs to give girls the opportunity to develop an interest from an early age.

We know you’d love to do that, but there’s a problem. Just getting STEM to work is hard enough, isn’t it?

The pressure is on to deliver tangible “STEM outcomes”. You want to transform your students into agile problem-solvers, but it’s difficult to know how to begin. Where do you start with STEM?

Imagine if your STEM program could foster engagement with every gender, creed and culture at your school. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get every student participating in practical STEM activities and develop your teachers to bring STEM thinking and digital technology into the classroom.

That’s what we do at She Maps. We provide online and in-school drone and geospatial science programs and training for students and teachers.

We care about helping you engage every single student in STEM.

More than 30,000 students, teachers and communities have already benefited from our programs across Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, and Asia.

The reason our programs are so effective is that they are designed by educators for educators. At the helm is Dr Karen Joyce, PhD in Geographical Sciences. Every lesson plan, training, and activity is specifically designed to map directly with your school curriculum and create immediate and sustainable impact.

We understand your STEM problems, how expensive and slow traditional training is, and how overwhelming STEM can seem.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re a teacher who wants to lead the charge at your school, or a school executive who wants to kickstart STEM then choose to partner with She Maps.

Access the right resources and training today. Why? Because every student deserves to succeed with STEM, and every teacher should be empowered to help them do it.

We help schools like yours across the world

You want to help every student succeed in STEM. We care about giving you the tools to achieve that goal.
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“She Maps are the people to turn to if you want to engage female students with drones. They are highly organised, well prepared and are flexible with program design if you need them to meet a specific need of your school.”
Mark Gray
Vice Principal, Methodist Ladies College
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“We looked at girls in STEM and how we need to change the dialogue around that to encourage more girls to pick it up in the future, particularly before they leave primary school and before then enter high school.”
Sandy Gardner
Ashgrove State School
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“She Maps provided drone days for Year 1 - 6. We wanted the children to see what drones did in the world and get a real life experience with them.”
Rhonda Jones
Emerald State School

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Endless opportunities to inspire the next generation to embrace STEM.

You have the power to lead change
Today, only 16% of university and VET STEM graduates are female, because girls are simply not given the opportunity to engage in STEM from a young age. We know good teachers want all students to succeed in STEM, and we’re here to help you do it.
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Hours of teacher PD designed by renowned geospatial scientist Dr Karen Joyce.

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Teachers, students, and communities across the globe benefiting from our programs.

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Impact Partners supporting and working with us to create diversity in STEM.

We’re always eager to share our message. Ask us about media appearances and interviews.

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