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Australia loses female talent at every stage of the STEM pipeline despite no innate cognitive gender differences. She Maps is on a mission to address this problem.


Drones to the Regions

Qld Regional Roadshow

We are taking our programs on the Road in Term 1, 2019. Heading south from Cairns, we are heading where ever the drone flies! Bookings essential.

Learning on High


Learning on High

We have programs that our certified instructors deliver in your school, that are mapped to the Australian Curriculum and industry aligned.

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Professional Development

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Professional Development

She Maps Education provides teachers with resources and courses for integrating digital technology, geospatial science and drones into their classrooms - all mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

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She Maps certified instructors host our programs around Australia. Our programs are not just restricted to schools!


Why She Maps?

Why is encouraging girls in STEM so important to Australia?

The future of our economy relies greatly on people with STEM skills. Despite the fact that there is no reason why girls are weaker in STEM than boys, Australia haemorrhages female talent in STEM disciplines from as early as primary school. This means that we are not drawing on 100% of our talent pool in STEM careers, and our economy will suffer from the lack of diversity.

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Posted on 05 December 2018

Science beyond a white labcoat

Science beyond a white labcoat

Just because chemistry is science, doesn’t mean that science is chemistry! ‘I’m not a science teacher, I just teach geography’ So, firstly, there is no ‘just’ about this. To teach is amazing! You have the ability to shape and inspire young minds. Take credit for what you do!