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We believe every student deserves to succeed with STEM, and every teacher should be empowered to help them do it.

About She Maps

STEM industries have a problem.
She Maps has the answer.

Gender bias begins in Primary School, including girls perceptions around their future in a STEM career. If we, as a country, are going to equip our children (regardless of gender) for the future, then engagement in STEM across the curriculum is needed from primary school through high school and into tertiary education.

When many people think of a scientist, they imagine someone (often male) in a lab coat working with a microscope or test tubes. Our vision of science is far broader. We believe that science is everything that we live and breathe in the environment. Unfortunately we know that the environment is facing some really big challenges now and into the future.
The environment needs science to help out. And we need a diversity in science disciplines beyond the labcoat, and a diversity in ideas from people of every race, colour, sex, and religion.
Our purpose at She Maps is to bring diversity into how we perceive science, and who does it.
Only 0 %

of STEM jobs are filled by women in Australia. Women are sorely under represented.

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We have a diverse core team, passionate about increasing diversity in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers.

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