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At She Maps, we made it our mission to help teachers engage a greater diversity of students in STEM using the latest technology, such as educational microdrones. Our online portal of learning and teaching resources – our She Maps Membership – includes a diverse range of units of work. Each unit of work was co-designed with industry and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum, covering a real-world STEM challenge which uses drones to solve it. Our units of work and teacher resources are one-of-a-kind, and are loved and trusted by thousands of teachers around Australia and beyond. See for yourself how we make teaching with drones easy, effective, and inclusive, by trying our free unit of work “Drones in Forestry” and downloading our complementary series of career posters, highlighting the work of females in STEM roles and inspiring young women in the classroom.

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Drones in Forestry

Learn what digital systems are used in forestry and apply understanding to a simulated forestry problem.
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Career Posters

She Maps have created a suite of posters to celebrate some wonderful role models and the important work they do.

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Students learning to fly drones

Student Drone Workshops

Let us visit your school and deliver one of our popular student drone incursions. The ultimate aha-moment for students and teachers alike!

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Classroom Drone Kits

Explore our DJI Tello Edu classroom microdrone kits – our custom bundle of drones, LiPo bags and image mats, to kick off your drone program at school.

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Geospatial UK Free Teacher Activities

Use these free Geospatial UK resources to understand how geospatial data can be used across different topics and scenarios.

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Tectonic Hazards

This activity focuses on how to visualise global patterns of earthquakes, exploring magnitude and depth of individual events and accessing live update earthquake data

30 - 45 mins

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USA Wildfires

This activity focuses on the spread of the 2020 wildfires along the West Coast of the USA, including the conditions preceding the event, methods of preventing the spread and the impacts on the environment

30 - 45 mins

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UK Coasts

This activity focuses on how the East coast of England has eroded dramatically over time and at different locations, and how coastal land use is managed

30 - 45 mins

glacial melt cover

Glacier Melt

This activity explores Arctic and Antarctic sea ice melt as well as global glacier retreat as a result of temperature anomalies and the associated impacts on wildlife

30 - 45 mins

london reflections

UK Census Data

This activity will allow students to explore the 2011 census data using GIS and understand how the census is so important for influencing decision making

30 - 45 mins

crime cover image

Crime and Punishment

This activity explores how census data can be used to predict where crime will occur while examining how real crime data helps to inform police strategies and operations

45 - 55 mins

pitch perfect image

Pitch Perfect

This activity uses simple mathematics to determine how level your pitch is whilst getting outside and hands on with levelling equipment

30 - 50 mins

survey123 for students

Survey123 for Students

This exercise will guide you through how to collect data using the Survey123 app while examining the geographic relationship between public transport and the retail/service industry

40 - 60 mins

surveying without sight image

Surveying Without Sight

This activity will simulate how hydrographic surveyors use distance measurements to map underwater topography without being able to see it

20 - 30 mins

Free Posters

Use these free Geospatial UK resources to understand how geospatial data can be used across different topics and scenarios.

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