Bring microdrones into your classroom

Classroom Drone Essentials is our signature program that gives you everything you need to confidently deliver drone lessons.

Classroom Drone Essentials

This 2.5-hour edutainment experience, your students will become geospatial scientists for the day, be exposed to great role models, challenge unconscious bias, explore applications of drone technology, understand safety and drone regulations as well as learn how to fly and code drones. More Information


Equipment Preparation

Learn how to set up the tablets, drones and the learning space.

Module 2

Safety First

Understand safety and drone regulations and establish class rules.

Module 3

Real World Applications

Explore applications of drone technology in the real-world. 

Module 4

Learn to Fly

Let's get ready to take off. Learn the flight commands, how to hover, take off and land.

Module 5

Coding for Aerial Survey

Learn to link coding with drones to provide a real world application.

Student Outcomes

Get real hands-on experience with drones, understand real-world applications, and learn how technology can be utilised to support problem-solving. Learn how to manually control and code a drone flight path. Give every student the opportunity to develop a passion and interest in STEM.

Teacher Outcomes

You will learn to guide your students in exploring applications of drone technology, understanding safety and drone regulations, and taking flight for the first time. Gain confidence and empower you to build competencies, knowledge and the skills to teach She Maps STEM programs in accordance with the National Curriculum. 

What will work better for you, your students and your school?

Classroom Drone Essentials can be delivered face-to-face (incursion), via virtual coaching, and online professional learning, or a combination of these. 

She Map Impact Program


Feel confident & prepare


Deliver Real STEM outcomes


Be a leader at your school


30-minute chat with a STEM expert

She Maps can help you get the clarity you need to empower your students, engage your colleagues, and transform your schools approach to STEM. 

Created by educators, for educators

Our drone days and professional development programs are designed to meet your biggest STEM challenges.

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Programs delivered in schools within Australia and internationally.

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Students and teachers positively impacted by our drone days.


All programs designed by PhD Geospatial Scientist, Dr Karen Joyce.

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Hear what schools have said about our programs.

You want to help every student succeed in STEM. We care about giving you the tools to achieve that goal.
Mark Gray
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“She Maps are the people to turn to if you want to engage female students with drones. They are highly organised, well prepared and are flexible with program design if you need them to meet a specific need of your school.”
Mark Gray
Vice Principal, Methodist Ladies College
Sandy Gardner testimonial
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“We looked at girls in STEM and how we need to change the dialogue around that to encourage more girls to pick it up in the future, particularly before they leave primary school and before then enter high school.”
Sandy Gardner
Ashgrove State School
Rhonda Jones testimonial
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“She Maps provided drone days for Year 1 - 6. We wanted the children to see what drones did in the world and get a real life experience with them.”
Rhonda Jones
Emerald State School

Meet the Education Director

Dr Karen Joyce holds a PhD in Geographical Sciences and is a leader in remote sensing and spatial mapping. She has led numerous programs within Australia and internationally and developed educational resources for primary, elementary, secondary and tertiary institutions as well as private industry and government organisations.

Now, her experience is available to you.


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