Drone Incursions

Book a She Maps Certified Instructor to visit your school to teach your students

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Our drone program is a great way to
engage your students!

With our Classroom Drone Essentials program, students become geospatial scientists for the day, are exposed to great role models, we challenge their unconscious bias, explore applications of drone technology, understand safety and drone regulations, as well as learn how to fly and code educational microdrones.

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For students

Our student incursions give students hands-on experience with drones and they learn how technology can be utilised to support problem-solving. We give every student the opportunity to develop a passion and interest in STEM.


For teachers

Our Teacher Professional Learning workshops give teachers the confidence and support to see how easy it can be to bring drones into the classroom. We want to spark teacher interest in STEM to launch a drone program in your school.

Included with every drone incursion

Drone uses

A facilitated discussion to understand how drones are used in the real world.

Equality in STEM

Explore the role of gender with respect to stereotypes and STEM careers.

Drone safety

Understand remote pilot regulations and drone safety considerations.

Drone flight

Gain confidence and competence in the manual flight of drones through a series of activities.


Code a drone for autonomous flight to solve a real-world survey challenge.

We're here to help...let's talk!

Schedule a meeting with She Maps at a time that is convenient for you.

How it works

Our drone incursions are a unique education experience for your students, mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

Available anywhere

The She Maps education team is traveling across Australia in 2023 on our Drone Roadshow to engage and inspire students to pursue a career in the geospatial and drone industries.

Want our program at a different time or location? We also have She Maps Certified Instructors available around Australia and the rest of the world too.

How does the day run?

All we need is a large classroom or hall, as we fly the microdrones indoors. Our Classroom Drone Essentials incursion is 2.5 hours long with a maximum of 30 students per session. We can facilitate two 2.5 hours sessions in a typical school day.  We bring all the equipment, schools just need to provide the space.

Tailored to your school curriculum

Our Classroom Drone Essentials incursion has been taught to over 8,000 students and teachers, and counting. It provides the foundational skills your students need to learn to fly and code microdrones. Please talk to us if you’d like us to include specific content that is relevant to the students current studies. 

Risk assessments completed

Our programs have a full risk assessment available, and our Classroom Drone Essentials program is CASA approved.

Book your drone incursion

We take care of everything for your drone incursion. Our She Maps Certified Instructors will bring all the required equipment to run the lesson. Your teachers and students just need to bring their enthusiasm!

We're here to help...let's talk!

Schedule a meeting with She Maps at a time that is convenient for you.

Drone incursion packages

We’ll come to you, bring the equipment, and teach your students (and you) how to fly and code microdrones.

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Half day
1 x 2.5 hr session

  • Maximum 30 students / session
  • Session run in the morning or afternoon

$2,255 incl GST

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1 day
2 x 2.5 hr sessions

  • Maximum 30 students / session 
  • 2 sessions run on the same day

$3,680 incl GST

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2 days
4 x 2.5 hr sessions

  • Maximum 30 students / session
  • 4 sessions run over two consecutive days

$5,170 incl GST

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Subsidised program sessions

  • For female students in low to median ICSEA schools
  • Limited number for Qld, NSW, & Vic schools


Created by teachers, for teachers

Our student programs and teacher resources are designed to meet your biggest STEM challenges.

Drone Mapping Course
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Programs delivered in schools in Australia and internationally.

Drone Mapping Course
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Students and teachers positively impacted face-to-face by our drone days.

Drone Mapping Course


Program designed by PhD Geospatial Scientist, Dr Karen Joyce, supported by teachers.

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Locations and Dates

Check out when we will be in your State or Territory on our Drone Roadshow!

Not visiting your location, or want us at a different time? Get in touch and let's see how we can help.



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