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Advanced Coding with DroneBlocks

Extend your students learning beyond basic block coding with Drone Blocks courses and applications. Use JavaScript and Python coding to control your Tellos!

DroneBlocks teaches STEM and the real-world application of drone technology through our apps, drone coding curriculum, simulator, and professional development.

The DroneBlocks membership portal has over 150+ cloud-based lessons and growing. DroneBlocks drone curriculum creates opportunities for students of all ages to learn Blockly, Python, Open-CV, Node.js, and JavaScript by coding autonomous missions in the classroom using the Tello drone. Join the thousands of schools engaging their primary, middle, and high school students in drone technology and programming!

  • Simulator – Explore DroneBlocks training from anywhere, without a drone.
  • Block Code – Go from simple to advanced block coding.
  • JavaScript – A simple interface to start mastering line-based coding.
  • Python – Coding with Python
  • NODE-Red – Code with NODE-Red


DroneBlocks Drone Coding Simulator

Explore DroneBlocks coding without a Tello drone from anywhere! Compatible with all DroneBlocks “Block” coding drone curriculum. Python and JavaScript coding support will be available in early 2022. Simulation is a crucial part of the coding experience that is sometimes overlooked. In the real world, you would never create code and send it to a piece of hardware or production system before testing.

The DroneBlocks simulator allows students to practice their coding skills in a virtual world before sending their code to the real drone. The simulator now features a tabbed canvas and block-highlighting. The tabbed canvas gives the ability to work on more than one mission at once and easily test different sections of code without relaunching the entire mission. With block-highlighting, easily diagnose errors in your code by identifying which line of code is being launched at that time.


What’s the difference between Classroom Drone Essentials & DroneBlocks

Classroom Drone Essentials is designed for teachers who are just getting started with drones in the classroom, and comprehensively covers safety, and the basics of manual and coded flight. For students and teachers who are already comfortable using drones in the classroom, and are looking to take the next step, Drone Blocks is the extension program you’ve been looking for. This online learning platform will teach you how to use your Tello microdrones to implement more complex coding functions such as loops, variables, and logic, as well as how to program your Tello using both Python and JavaScript line-based coding, and use advanced programs like OpenCV or NODE-RED for camera access and object recognition.


Tailoring Teaching to Learning – Customised Programs Available.

At She Maps, we know that each school is unique.  Whilst we have a range of products and programs that you can purchase directly, we can also tailor our programs to meet the individual needs of the school, teachers or students.  Got something in mind? Simply ask us!


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