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Code Fly Deliver - Create a drone delivery network



The global drone market will grow from $14 billion in 2018 to over $43 billion in 2024. (The Drone Delivery Report 2019-2024). There are already businesses in Australia that have started delivering products. From coffee to mail and even vaccines.  Drones are now becoming a larger part of the logistics industry.  As our world develops and changes, how can you be a part of this growing industry?

Swoop Aero is a Melbourne-based business designing solutions to the world’s logistics problems, using drones.  They use drones to assist with healthcare delivery all over the world. Following the exact steps that SwoopAero follows, your students identify a local need and work through the steps of building a drone delivery network.

Learning Intentions
To research the drone delivery industry in Australia
To understand the rules and regulations that all drones must follow.
To design a drone delivery network that suits an urban or rural area.
To create and design a drone to suit the needs of delivery.
To encourage the local community to accept drone delivery in their area for a certain purpose.

All units of work designed and created by She Maps are linked to the Australian Curriculum across multiple learning areas both inside and outside the STEM-identified subjects. By using these programs you help to equip your students with the necessary STEM skills and knowledge that will enable them to engage with the careers of the future.  Working in collaboration with schools we set out to achieve the five strategies of action outlined in the Australian STEM education strategy.