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Drones to the Rescue - Floods Year 7/8



Queensland is no stranger to natural disasters such as cyclones, floods and bushfires, but climate change is now impacting on the intensity and frequency of these natural hazards. In early 2019 a major flood event occurred in the city of Townsville and surrounding areas, on the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia.

This inquiry follows a case study approach using a StoryMap, to investigate the causes and impacts of one of the most common and costly hazards in Australia. It will focus on emergency responders using drones and GIS to eliminate or minimise the risk of natural hazards to people and the environment.


Lesson 1: Causes of the 2019 floods
Lesson 2: Impacts of a disaster
Lesson 3: Drones to the rescue
Lesson 4: Using a GIS
Lesson 5: Recovery and Resilience
Learning Intentions
  • Identify and explain key causes that contributed to the 2019 flood event in Townsville
  • Observe and describe floods from a temporal and spatial perspective
  • Identify and explain social, economic and environmental impacts on people and places
  • Use manual and coded flight skills to simulate a real world response using drones
  • Explore flood response and recovery using a GIS
Subject Focus
  • Geography
  • Digital Technologies
  • Design Technologies