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Drones to the Rescue - Healthcare in the Himalayas - Years 7-10



Nepal has 8 of the world’s 10 tallest mountains, including the highest mountain in the world – Mt Everest! Although undeniably beautiful, life in the Himalayas can be complicated by these enormous mountains. It can make it difficult to transport essential items such as food and medicine to some communities. Access to healthcare is a challenge in many remote regions of Nepal, as patients and healthcare workers have to walk for hours or even a full day along steep, winding tracks between the village and the nearest hospital. How can drones help?

The Problem at Hand
Nepal Flying Labs needs assistance from you to design and plan a drone system that will fly medical samples and/or medication from medical centres into central hospitals.

Learning Intentions

  • To evaluate the fastest system for medical delivery in remote areas of Nepal;
  • To design a drone attachment that will successfully carry the medical supplies;
  • To manually and autonomously fly a drone to deliver medical supplies; and
  • To understand how drones can be used to overcome humanitarian challenges


Note: This unit has been designed as a transdisciplinary unit over 10 weeks. It has been designed in modules to allow the unit to be taught by either a single teacher or in collaboration across subject departments. Content descriptions have been provided for each module which can be modified to support the requirements of your students and school approach.

All units of work designed and created by She Maps are linked to the Australian Curriculum across multiple learning areas both inside and outside the STEM-identified subjects. By using these programs you help to equip your students with the necessary STEM skills and knowledge that will enable them to engage with the careers of the future.  Working in collaboration with schools we set out to achieve the five strategies of action outlined in the Australian STEM education strategy.