While the geospatial industry harbours some of the most rapidly growing and in-demand jobs for school-leavers, many students, teachers and guidance counsellors are not aware of the vast opportunities and huge diversity of jobs that lie within geospatial science and technology.

In a quest to shed more light on the job opportunities within the geospatial industry, our sister company GeoNadir and career education provider Study Work Grow in partnership with She Maps have put together a unique yet easy-to-read geospatial career guide about geospatial science and the 6 key areas that shape this industry. Help your  students find out what it’s like to work in the geospatial field, explore educational pathways, and hear about the many different ways they could build a geospatial career that suits their skills and strengths.

Download the full guide along with five job spotlight pamphlets about the most popular careers and a series of A3 career posters for your classrooms below.

geospatial careers guide & posters

Individual Downloads

Pathways to Geospatial Careers (A4)

Data Scientist
Job Spotlight

Machine Learning Engineer Job Spotlight (A5)

Job Spotlight

Climate Scientist Job Spotlight

Remote Sensing Scientist Job Spotlight (A5)

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