Support for teachers and parents during COVID-19

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If you’ve felt overwhelmed by what your job involves as a teacher or parent this year, you’re not alone. This STEM Education Toolkit for Teaching During COVID-19 provides you with adaptable online learning solutions for home or school:

  • Practical – all the information and resources you need to start teaching kids straight away.
  • Quick to implement – we’ve done a lot of the classroom prep for you so you can do what you do best – the teaching.
  • Gets kids excited about STEM – kids get completely invested in tackling the real-life challenges in these resources.
  • Flexible – options to do from home, at school; with equipment, or without; for novices and for experts. 
  • Supports teachers and parents with their learning, as well as kids  – we are all learning here! 

STEM Education Toolkit for Teaching During COVID-19

Our co-foundersKaren and Paul, are both educators and homeschooling parents. They’ve created and adjusted these STEM resources because they know which online tools work best at engaging kids, while also being easy to implement. If you have any questions about which ones are right for your child or your classroom,  please email us at [email protected] or send us a message on our Facebook page.

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Free Map My School Competition

We have 10 DJI Tello drones up for grabs that could be won by your students! 

Our Free Map My School competition is based entirely online – no drones required.  Students not only learn to create a map using professional industry conventions, they also help solve real-life problems, such as how much shade their school has.

The 3 steps involved in the competition correlate to 1 unit of work for teachers (and a some peace and quiet for parents). There’s a full teacher pack brimming with explainer videos, activity sheets, and your curriculum-mapped unit of work. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get mapping! 

ORBIT Online Learning  Portal

Teach and deliver coding challenges, run geospatial mapping and data lessons, and bring drones into your classroom with zero stress – all in one place with ORBIT Learning Portal.

Immerse your students in the world of a geospatial scientist, or have them create a disaster relief effort to help assist in a crisis situation.  

And learn every tip, trick, and watch-out-for in the book so that you can introduce drones into your classroom safely, confidently, and easily

Get access, watch the training, and succeed with STEM in your classroom.

STEM activities under the She Maps stem education program

Done-For-You Online Drone Day

Wouldn’t it be nice this year to have someone come in, get your students really excited about STEM, teach them how to use drones, and how to solve problems and code real-world missions?

Just when you thought educational school programs were a relic of the ‘before COVID-19 world’, we are dialling in to your school online with our Done-For-You Drone Day. 

Simply have an internet connection and a space for students to fly drones, and we’ll do the rest – it really is that easy

Choose the student + teacher program and we can also teach you how to continue their STEM education with drones. By the end of the day, you’ll learn how to fly drones and how to safely and easily introduce them into your classroom.

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Homeschooling Hints Download Sheet

Downloaded over 2500 times, this is the go-to resource to help parents figure out how to educate at home stress and guilt-free

From how to think about time and structure, to how to set expectations (and keep them), this is perfect for parents at any stage of the homeschooling journey.

If we’re learning anything during this crisis, it’s how essential good communication is in helping alleviate anxiety at home.

If you’re a teacher, simply pass onto parents as is, or copy and use in your own communication with parents. 


Here to help

As always, if you need additional support, or have a question, then please email us at [email protected] or send us a message on our Facebook page.

We are here to support you.

Karen, Paul, and the She Maps team.

Flying High with Drones at Your School!

Learn the 6 Steps to Launching a Successful Drone and Geospatial Program at your School

What’s covered:
  • The educational benefits for running a drone & geospatial program
  • How to gather whole school support for the program
  • How to fund your drone program
  • Matching your school requirements to the best program
  • How to build teacher confidence and capabilities
  • Steps to expand your program with school-industry partnerships