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Pippa and Dronie Classroom Kit - Large



Pippa & Dronie is an illustrated children’s book that takes students on an adventure with scientists and drone professionals, to explore the different ways modern STEM skills are used to gather data, and solve real world challenges. Dronie flies through whale snot to collect DNA samples (urgh yuck, but kinda cool), maps coral on the Great Barrier Reef, and in Kakadu National Park a crocodile even tries to jump up and grab her!

Learning Promise

  • Create positive perceptions of STEM and Geography.
  • Meet real scientists and drone professionals and explore what they do.
  • Explore the interactive coding game to go beyond the book.
  • Be exposed to great STEM role models and the real world applications of drones.

Learning Outcomes

  • All lessons are mapped to the Australian Curriculum and each lesson has its own learning intentions.
  • The lessons cover Science, Literacy, Maths, Geography, Design and Digital Technologies; and Health and PE and incorporate cross-curriculum priorities including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.
  • Learn how technology can be used to support problem-solving.


This Pippa and Dronie Large Classroom Kit includes everything a teacher needs to bring the book to life in their classroom and introduce students to block coding.

  • 30 x Pippa & Dronie Books
  • 2 x Pippa & Dronie Big Book
  • Image Mat Single
  • Dronie Plushie
  • Teaching Resources (11 Lessons, Rubric and Activity Sheets)
  • Dronie Coding Game App
  • Dronie Coding Game Web-based
  • Coding Game Printables
  • Author Reading – Video


What is an Image Mat?  The Image Mat is fantastic for students can walk out the code and imagine they are Dronie, flying over the whale.  Our standard Image Mat is a 2m x 2m Fabric Banner that weighs 250g. 

Click the links below to start learning how to code with Pippa & Dronie.  Free to get started,


Apple App store

Google Play


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