Drone Lessons in Indonesia’s Youth Baseball Program

She Maps Team
She Maps Team
08 Feb 2020
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8 February 2020

Flying Futures – Youth Development in STEM using Drones with Sport in Indonesia

Location: Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Indonesia

Dates: 8 – 16 Feb 2020

She Maps has been awarded an Australia-ASEAN Council grant through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to support the development of STEM outcomes in Indonesia, using drones.

She Maps co-founders Dr Karen Joyce and Paul Mead will be conducting STEM professional development for teachers in partnership with the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Regional Centre for Quality Improvement of Teacher and Education Personnel (QITEP) in Science in Bandung.

As part of the grant, She Maps will also be engaging with Indonesian youth alongside the baseball program, Diamonds in the Rough (DITR). Karen and Paul will join DITR baseball coaches Julie Wadham, Chloe Humphrey’s and Brisbane Bandits Assistant Coach and Noumea Head Coach Lisa Norrie, to run STEM in Baseball programs in Jakarta and Bali. The DITR coaches will also run baseball-specific programs in Bandung. The DITR program has engaged with the Indonesian Softball/Baseball Federation for the last four years, using Baseball to engage with and develop female youth in Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali.

The use of STEM is huge in sport, with geospatial data helping team performances as just one example. Bringing drone lessons into the DITR program will create a new dimension to the sport development program.

Karen will also conduct public lectures on ‘An Introduction to Drone Technology and its Applications’ at the As’Syafiiyah University in Jakarta and the Indonesia University of Education in Bandung.

She Maps co-founder and Managing Director, Paul Mead, says ‘This is an exciting program that will increase the profile of the work we are doing here in Australia and support the work of SEAMEO in increasing STEM literacy across Southeast Asia. We are looking forward to strengthening existing relationships through the Diamonds in the Rough program partnership and building new ones with SEAMEO.’

Diamonds in the Rough founder, Narelle Gosstray, says, ‘This partnership with She Maps takes our program into an exciting space. We have developed and nurtured the confidence and leadership of a cohort of Indonesian girls, through baseball, over the last four years, alongside local coaches and support staff. To add in a STEM component to our program moves us into a holistic sport development program, preparing the participants for their future.’

She Maps co-founder and Education Director, Dr Karen Joyce, says ‘developing the capacity of teachers is the key to empowering the future workforce with the skills they need to be successful. This doesn’t matter what country, educators that possess the confidence and skills is the only way to achieve this. Having SEAMEO as a Southeast Asian partner with their reach and credibility is an important development in our mission to increase diversity in STEM.’

She Maps will be in Indonesia from 8 – 16 Feb conducting drone education programs in the following locations: 8 – 10 Feb: Jakarta; 11 – 12 Feb: Bandung; 14 – 16 Feb: Bali.

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Who is She Maps?

She Maps is a family-owned and operated Queensland based social enterprise that is on a mission to increase the diversity in STEM.

When many people think of a scientist, they imagine someone (often male) in a lab coat working with a microscope or test tubes. Our vision of science is far broader.

STEM Diversity Through Drone Education

We need diversity in science disciplines beyond the lab coat, and ideas from people of every background to solve the problems of the future. Our purpose at She Maps is to bring this concept of diversity into how we perceive science, and who does it.

We provide online and face-to-face STEM teacher training that gives both students and educators confidence when trying new technology and using it to explore solutions to real-life problems.

Drones are a central part of our programs because they spark natural curiosity and engagement in students, no matter their background – it’s much easier to teach when it’s fun. And because drones will play a large role across many industry sectors in the future.

You can also read our youth development outreach program in the Philippines here.

Who is Diamonds in the Rough?

Diamonds in the Rough uses Baseball, traditionally a male-dominated sport, to connect emerging Australian Emerald players and coaches with young Indonesian girls. The program challenges gender norms and raises awareness of domestic violence through a combination of skills clinics, personal development programs, and games against local men’s club teams. It empowers girls to make positive choices.

Media Enquiries

She Maps: Paul Mead, Managing Director, 0432 469 500

Diamonds in the Rough: Narelle Gosstray, Founder, 0409 425 557

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