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She Maps Team
She Maps Team
24 Jul 2020
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Call out to diverse writers!

We are wanting to raise the profile and voice of Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse people. This is part of our commitment to the #BLM movement.

We are on the hunt for entry level or graduate writers from these traditionally underrepresented groups to help us inspire the next generation of kids to become part of the STEM workforce of the future, and use emerging technology like drones. 

Writers will be featured as guest contributors and will cover all kinds of topics, from the best events to attend as part of National Science Week, to vigilante learning (teaching kids STEM by stealth), as well as diversity and the issues surrounding the STEM industry.

You don’t have to be an expert in these subjects, we’re here for that. But a genuine interest and curiosity is a must – as writers you know that makes the job a whole lot easier anyway! We want to hear authentic stories from a diverse range of guest contributors.

When you get in touch with us, please let us know how you identify as an Indigenous person or the culturally and linguistically diverse group you identify with. 

What our writers receive:

  • Ethical pay and working conditions 
  • A knowledgeable, supportive team who are genuinely committed to making radical positive change towards a more diverse STEM workforce
  • Credited professional writing experience (we are not looking for ghost writers)
  • You blog being profiled in our newsletter to over 3,500 people and on our social media channel with links to your social media channels if you wish.

Who we are

She Maps is an Australian based STEM education social enterprise. Our co-founders are based in Cairns, with our team working remotely around the country and overseas.

Our purpose is to increase the diversity in the STEM workforce. We do this by engaging with teachers and students to run engaging STEM programs, using drones.

We have a global reach, but are focused on building local capability. We have big aspirations, but care about the individual. 

We encourage you to explore our website to get to know us a bit more.

Suggested topics

We encourage you to bring us your own original ideas and topics, but to help get you started, here are a few topics we are interested in sharing:

  • Top Event Picks for National Science Week 2020
  • What is Geospatial Science and Why Does It Matter in Education?
  • What I Learnt from Studying STEM Subjects in High School and University
  • Healthy Oceans, Healthy Economies, and Healthy Communities – An Indigenous Perspective (Indigenous writers only)

How to apply

Send us a short cover letter telling us a little bit about your background and why you’re interested, as well as any writing samples. You can also do the cover letter by video, if you’d prefer!

Email: [email protected]

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