Tello Gamesir T1d Controller



The Ryze Tello Gamesir T1d Controller is capable of changing your mobile phone into an unmanned aerial vehicle controller, which re-orienting the controller of the unmanned aerial vehicles with a light luxurious touch feeling, flowing experience, and convenient operation. With two high-precision 3D rockers, it can orient to any place without a dead angle, and allows more difficult operations. The control handle is connected at high speed through GCM connection mode (GameSir Connecting Mode).

This controller can instantly transform your smartphone into a drone controller, designed to provide a lightweight feel, smooth experience, and convenient operation. With two high-precision 3D joysticks, the controller can orient your aircraft to any location, making more difficult maneuvers possible.

Note:* Gamesir T1d controller can only be used with Tello. This is a customized controller for UAV flight, not for game operation


The controller has a light luxurious leather-style touch feeling with high precision joysticks. The controller has the GCM high-speed connection to ensure low latency operation.
Fold-out phone holder to place your phone on the top. Suits large phones.


Bluetooth 4.0
The battery capacity is 600MA.
Working Distance is up to 7m.