Impact Program

It’s about scaling our impact to individuals and groups that would not normally have the opportunity to take part in STEM education

We work in genuine collaboration with our Impact Team to create real social change.

She Map Impact Program

It's our responsibility to make a positive contribution

Our Impact Program is about doing more.

As a purpose driven company, we have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to society. Firstly, through the work we do with our customers and the standard of education and experience that we strive to achieve, but secondly our IMPACT Program is about doing more.

It is about scaling our IMPACT to individuals and groups that would not normally have the opportunity to take part in our education programs.

Through our IMPACT Program, we aim to make a distinctive contribution to increasing diversity in STEM. 

This program underpins our voluntary social investment and aligns to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which are most relevant to our business and the community we serve.

We follow four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education
Gender Equality
Reduced Inequalities

Meet our Impact Team

Teaming up for change.
You want to help every student succeed in STEM. We care about giving you the tools to achieve that goal.

The Surveyors’ Trust

The Surveyors’ Trust is a vibrant community of surveying and spatial professionals. They work together as a collective – pooling the royalties they receive from the sale of the plans that they develop. These pooled funds are invested in capital and education projects to achieve recognition and sustainability for the surveying and spatial industry.

The Surveyors’ Trust is increasing our Impact by funding our online teacher resource, Orbit, to be delivered to every school in QLD, removing financial barriers to every school to access drone and geospatial science resources and teaching.



WeRobotics is a nonprofit organization that invests in local experts creating robotics solutions where they are most needed, accelerating the positive impact of aid, health, development, and environmental efforts globally. WeRobotics facilitates the Flying Labs Network comprised of local knowledge hubs in 26+ locations around the World.

We work with WeRobotics Flying Labs team members to teach them how to engage youth in their country, using our Drone Programs.

Learn more about WeRobotics, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Ignite FNQ

Ignite FNQ is all about connecting and empowering diverse FNQ communities by fostering innovation to build social, economic and environmental prosperity.

We have partnered with Ignite FNQ to leverage the work we are doing across Queensland. They have provided funding to deliver Teacher Professional Development programs to regional and remote regions in FNQ.

Impact Supporters

Supporters join us in spreading the word.

We rely on our Impact Supporters to help communicate our message, they provide role models for us to feature, join us in curating and distributing resources and provide valuable feedback on our programs.


During times of disaster and emergency, GIVIT works with government agencies, local councils and not-for-profit organisations to identify the immediate and long-term needs of the affected community.

GIVIT then matches offers from individuals and businesses to ensure those who need assistance get exactly what they need, where and when they need it most.

We are working with GIVIT, because in times of disaster, often children’s education is affected. We aim to provide an experience for identified communities in need, to help lift their confidence and lift the spirits of kids experiencing hardship. It is often through these experiences that students come up with creative ways to solve problems. These are the skills of the future that we are wanting to foster.

Destination Spatial

We are working with Destination Spatial to share resources and tell great stories about geospatial career opportunities.

Watch this video on YouTube to understand what geospatial science is in a bit more depth!

University of Exeter

We have worked with Dr Karen Anderson to run programs with the Royal Aeronautical Society in London and for Dr Anderson’s first year students at the Falmouth Campus.

Get Kids into Survey

We work with Get Kids into Survey to promote the survey and geospatial industry. Check out their free posters – they are awesome!

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