The easiest way to get started with drones at your school.

Classroom Drone Essentials is a highly supportive, online professional development program where you learn to integrate, plan and deliver highly engaging drone programs at your school. All with the convenience of learning when and where it suits you. 

cde online together she maps package

What's included in this package:

Teacher Training

She Maps work closely with each individual school/teacher to provide: 

  • 3 x 45 minute Online Professional Development Sessions with a She Maps Certified Instructor 
  • Together, we team teach the Classroom Drone Essentials lesson introduction

Drone Equipment

She Maps ship the following equipment directly to your school:

  • Tello EDU Boost Combo x 5
  • Image Mat x 1 
  • LiPo Battery Bag x 2
  • Landing Mats

Got drones already? No stress, we’ll remove this from the pricing!

Teaching Resources

This is where you get incredible value!  When purchasing Classroom Drone Essentials Online Together you get access to some amazing teaching resources.

  • Unlimited Teaching Resources (12 months)  for one teacher. Check them out.

  • AND, 12 months 1-1 tech support

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We teach you how to teach the following modules:


Drones In Industry

Explore applications of drone technology in the real-world.

Module 2

Safety First

Understand safety and drone regulations and establish class rules.

Module 3

Manual Flight

Learning to fly the drones safely and understanding flight commands.

Module 4

Coded Flight Mission

Learn to link coding with drones to provide a real world application.

Students Outcomes

Get real hands-on experience with drones, understand real-world applications and learn how technology can be utilised to support problem-solving. Learn how to manually control and code a drone flight path. Give every student the opportunity to develop a passion and interest in STEM.

Teacher Outcomes

Instil confidence and empower you to build competencies, knowledge and the skills to teach She Maps STEM programs in accordance with the National Curriculum. Spark your interest in STEM and encourage you to launch a cross-curricular drone program in your school. 

She Maps Teacher's Guide to running a drone Program

Free Teacher's Guide

Free Teacher's Guide

Everything you need to know to start a drone program at your school, including:

  • Educational benefits
  • Gathering whole school support
  • How to fund your program
  • Identify the best school approach
  • Build teacher confidence and capabilities
  • Expand your program with school-industry partnerships

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Flying High with Drones at Your School!

Learn the 6 Steps to Launching a Successful Drone and Geospatial Program at your School

What’s covered:
  • The educational benefits for running a drone & geospatial program
  • How to gather whole school support for the program
  • How to fund your drone program
  • Matching your school requirements to the best program
  • How to build teacher confidence and capabilities
  • Steps to expand your program with school-industry partnerships