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Take your microdrones to the next level with our captivating teaching programs that entice students to solve real world problems.


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Drone and geospatial teaching resources

Each term She Maps release teaching resources that are truly unique. Created in partnership with industry, our units of work help bring a real world perspective into your classroom.

Healthcare in the Himalayas

A Full Unit of Work  | Curriculum Aligned | Suitable Grades 5-10

Industry Partner: Nepal Flying Labs

The problem at hand!

    Access to healthcare is a challenge in many remote regions of Nepal, as patients and healthcare workers have to walk for hours or even a full day along steep, winding tracks between the village and the nearest hospital. Drones can help to solve some of these critical issues around access to essential medical supplies.

    Using the real world application of drone technology, with our partner Nepal Flying Labs, students will simulate the transport of critical medical supplies to remote villages in Nepal. The students will learn:

    delivery drones fly over a Himalayan family and elderly couple

    Code, Fly, Deliver

    A Full Unit of Work  | Curriculum Aligned | Suitable Grades 5-10

    Industry Partner: Swoop Aero, Australia

    The problem at hand!

    The global drone market will grow from $14 billion in 2018 to over $43 billion in 2024. (The Drone Delivery Report 2019-2024). There are already businesses in Australia that have started delivering products, from coffee, to mail, and even vaccines. But starting a drone delivery network is not for the faint of heart.

    Through short videos, the Swoop Aero team guides the students to follow five important steps to create their own drone delivery solution that solves a community need. The students will have the opportunity to:

    delivery drones flying over a city


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    Healthcare in the Himalayas

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    Code, Fly, Deliver

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    Classroom Drone Essentials icon 2

    Classroom Drone Essentials

    A 2.5-hour to 3-day edutainment experience, your students will become geospatial scientists for the day, be exposed to some great role models, learn how to fly a drone and have fun as you teach STEM by stealth.

    Skill Level - Grade 5 - 8

    Map My School

    A comprehensive and fun program where students learn how to analyse, measure, map, and communicate with geospatial mapping principles to better understand the amount of shade available at your school.

    Skill Level - Grade 7 - 10

    Drone Mapping

    The students will use sub 2kg drones and industry standard geospatial mapping technologies to capture and process imagery to analyse and monitor their local environment.

    Skill Level - Grade 10 - Industry

    DroneBlocks Advanced

    Extend your students learning beyond basic coding with DroneBlocks courses. Use JavaScript and Python to control your Tellos!

    Skill Level - Grade 7 - 12+

    She Maps Most Supported

    Lighthouse Schools

    This is She Maps' highest supported program, providing teachers and students with a tailored curriculum, focused on the development of spatial skills, using drones as the centrepiece.

    Skill Level - Grade 7 - 12+

    Flying High with Drones at Your School!

    Learn the 6 Steps to Launching a Successful Drone and Geospatial Program at your School

    What’s covered:
    • The educational benefits for running a drone & geospatial program
    • How to gather whole school support for the program
    • How to fund your drone program
    • Matching your school requirements to the best program
    • How to build teacher confidence and capabilities
    • Steps to expand your program with school-industry partnerships