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Drones to the Rescue - Bushfires Year 5/6



The Black Summer Bushfires roared through 24 million hectares of bushland. Over 3000 homes were destroyed and over 3 billion animals were estimated to be killed or displaced. How can drones and GIS be used to support research and recovery?
Kangaroo Island and other parts of Australia were severely damaged by the 2019/20 bushfires. Students explore what happened, how it affected the island, what part GIS and drones play in the research, and the implementation of programs to assist the recovery.

Lesson 1: Kangaroo Island – Before and After the Black Summer Bushfires
Lesson 2: Exploring Kangaroo Island – Bushfire – Case study
Lesson 3: GIS – Recording Bushfire History
Lesson 4: Drones in Recovery
Lesson 5: Real-life scenario – Choose from 1 of the following real-life drone challenges

  • Counting koalas – Simulated tally and data collection
  • Before and After – Observing and Recording the effects of a bushfire
  • Seeding Forests or Feeding Wildlife

Learning Intentions

  • To understand how bushfire affects a selected area
  • To explore an identified area of bushfire using GIS software to look at bushfire damage
  • To use manual and coded flight skills to collect data from a simulated bushfire area
  • To use data collected to make an assessment of damage and recovery
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