How to run a Tournament of Drones at your school

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08 Oct 2021
she maps tournament of drones teachers guide

A Tournament of Drones is a competition where teams will simulate real life drone use cases

This one day event sees teams race through an obstacle course, become a rescue drone in an emergency situation, and use their coding and problem solving skills in a simulated beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) scenario.

For many schools, running a Tournament of Drones at the end of the year is the opportunity to bring all the skills they’ve learnt throughout the year into one fun and engaging event.  

Tournament of Drones can be run as an in-school event or as an inter-school competition, where the local schools compete to find out which school has the best team of drone pilots!

When it comes to running a Tournament of Drones, there is a fair bit of organisation involved, but She Maps, have done all the hard work for you and created the Ultimate Tournament of Drones Pack!

The Tournament of Drones Resource Pack provides schools with everything you need to run a successful one day drone competition. The resources have all been designed to be used whether it is a competition just between students at your school, or if you send the call out to neighbouring schools.  

It is recommended that all participants, both teachers and students, have completed the Classroom Drone Essentials Unit of Work in order to complete the challenges involved in Tournament of Drones.  This series of lessons provides all participants with the skills needed to successfully participate in the competition.  If you are already a She Maps Member,  Classroom Drone Essentials is one of the resources for students in Grades 5-9.

she maps classroom drone essentials online together
Classroom Drone Essentials - Online Together Program

What is in the Tournament of Drones Resource pack?

This resource provides you with everything you need to run your Tournament of Drones successfully.  Take a look at all the resources available!

bookshelf tournament drones she maps

Get ready to compete!

The Tournament is a one-day event, designed to test students’ teamwork, problem-solving skills, creativity, technical flight skills, and analytical thinking. 

Working in teams of 3, participants rotate around 3 real world challenges and finish the day with a persuasive digital storytelling task. 

Space Race (Obstacle Course)

How quickly can your drone pilots manoeuvre through a series of obstacles to land on an asteroid? 

Obstacle courses can be made from a variety of resources, you don’t need a specially designed series of structures.  Get creative with hula hoops, pool noodles, or other building materials. 

Can they complete the course in under 2 minutes?

Encouragement, support, and reassurance will help your pilots to take on this challenge.

space race she maps tournament of drones

Drones to the Rescue 

A fire has broken out in your local area and you have been asked, as part of the emergency services, to provide assistance with bringing it under control by releasing simulated fire retardant pellets. 

The Tello drone does not come with attachments that can release an item, but She Maps got creative and found a 3D printed cup attachment that can hold small items (tic tacs, smarties etc).

The challenge is to fly as close to the targeted area, using manual flight, and forward flip the drone to release your fire retardant pellets. 

A spotter, from the team, is positioned to be able to give advice on where the drone should be positioned before it performs its flip release.

tod floor plan drones to the rescue

Code Conundrum 

A container ship has run aground out to sea.  Debris from the ship has washed ashore along the coastline and  teams  have  been  asked  to  collect  images  to record where it is.  This will allow Coastwatch to organise a safe and effective collection of the debris. 

The catch is that teams cannot see the image, only the drone.  This is called beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).  It means that pilots will need to use their problem solving skills with their knowledge of coding drones to be able to create a successful flight.  A screen or even a table flipped on its side helps to create the BVLOS challenge.

tod floor plan code conundrum

Digital Storytelling

This challenge may be provided to your teams before the day of battle.  Students collect images/videos and information to help them create a 2 minute persuasive digital story presentation. 

The objective is to persuade other schools to have a drone program as part of their learning. This video should show some creativity and student flair on how drones are being used in your school, why they are a tool for the future,  what  problems  they  could  solve….  The options  are  endless. The aim is to see how BIG your school is thinking on the use of drones.

Take a look at the following winning entry from Trinity Bay State School in a previous competition. 

trinty bay state school tournament of drones winners play button
Winner - Tournament of Drones - Trinity Bay State School

Managing the Tournament of Drones

Each of the above activities or stations are set up, ideally in a large hall.  Make sure the drones are being flown away from the centre of the room and the teams stay in the allocated safe zones.

Once all the teams have registered and your safety briefing it complete, it’s now time for the teams to start competing. 

Each team will rotate around each station. Special Note: Drones to the Rescue and Space Race are considered one station as they both can completed in one rotation.

We recommend three to four teams per station, and this will allow you to complete the activities in each station within the allocated time of 60 minutes.

Included in the Tournament of Drones Resource pack, is a run sheet with suggested timings.

Other resources you’ll find in the pack include Scoring Sheets, Certificates, Posters, Media Releases, Social Media, and Signage. 

she maps tournament of drones teachers guide

How to Access the Tournament of Drones Resource Pack

Simply click on the button below and sign up to download the resources.  Once registered you gain access to a Google Drive Folder, but if can’t access Google files, then a ZIP file can be downloaded.

dont share the resources share the sign up

Share the Sign Up - Not the Resource

We love for you to share what we do, but please share the link for people to sign up so we can share updates and support them directly.

About She Maps.

She Maps is Australia’s leading expert in drone and geospatial education. 

She Maps assist schools with the purchasing of drones, school-industry created drone and geospatial teaching resources and highly supportive teacher professional development.

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You’re in Safe Hands!
She Maps is a CASA approved commercial operator to fly microdrones indoors with students and teachers. CASA holds commercial operators, to a higher standard than recreational users and educators. This means that She Maps has been assessed by CASA as having rigorous training and risk mitigation procedures in place.

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