Drone Mapping in Schools

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Getting started with drone mapping in your school Whilst many teachers are using microdrones in their classrooms, some teachers are wanting to take drones to a whole new level. Introducing sub 2kg drones into the classroom in senior secondary school is becoming more commonplace. The ability to collect rich Earth observation data and have students […]

Can I fly my drone indoors at school?

Students flying drones indoor

Can I Fly My Drone Indoors at School?

There is much confusion around at the moment with using drones in schools. Particularly around using micro-drones such as the Parrot Mambo or DJI Tello indoors.

So, we have decided to clear up some of the confusion and do the reading of the CASA Regulations to make it easier for you. We have also had this confirmed with an RPAS Inspector at CASA.

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